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Google Classroom

Google Classroom is an online classroom area in which teachers can manage all the documents that their students need. It is a teacher/student interface.

Teachers post announcements, assignments, topics for discussion and everyone in the classroom can comment and share their thoughts or opinions on the post. Students can collaborate and discuss with their peers.

Teachers use Google Meet for delivering live lessons.

Students will be able to access all the resources in their classroom, They can use Google doc, Google slide, Google sheets, Google drawing to complete the assignments and homework. The completed work can be handed in the Google classroom itself using various ways.

Below are guidance and tips on accessing and using Google Classroom.

How to log in to Google Classroom and Submit Tasks

How to access Google Classroom on Xbox and Playstation

Did You Know?

Parent Guide to Google Classroom

(Video created by Martin Kelsey)


Pupil Guide to logging in to Google Classroom

(Video created by Sarah Green)


Guide to submit pupil’s work

(Video created by Dear DISes)


Guide to How to Join Live Lessons 


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