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Headteacher’s Welcome

Dear Grange Community

Welcome to a great year of learning.

Our Staff have been in planning, training and getting ready.  We are so excited to greet you and the children for the start of the new year and to get going.  We want to see great teaching and learning and we want Parents and Carers to be involved.

There are a few important items for you to note:

1. Our Early Years (Nursery and Reception) have been praised by Ofsted and for the first time in a long time, we have complete stability. All our EYFS staff have taught in Grange previously and so we are very excited to give them the platform to develop, improve and build on our success in order for our Grange Early Years children to flourish.

We are going to develop a stimulating and dedicated EYFS outdoor area so that the learning is significantly enhanced.  In order to achieve that we have closed off the right hand side of the school (looking at the School from the Welbeck side).  We still want to help Parents and Carers who need to get from the Furness side to the Welbeck side or vice versa and therefore we will be facilitating a school walk-through passage on the left hand side (looking from Welbeck Road).  This path is however, shared with a car park and from health and safety prospective, we will restrict car movement during pedestrian times.

You will be able to get from Welbeck to Furness or the other way from 8.30am until 9.00am each morning and from 3.10pm until 3.40pm every afternoon.  At any other time, pedestrians will not be able to use this pathway as vehicles will be using this road.

We trust that you understand and will respect the safety of all by sticking to these times if you wish to use the school shortcut pathway.

2. In the last 6 years we have actually managed to drop the price of school lunches and then only increase by a small amount. However, in the Summer Term we participated in a Harrow council tender for a new school meals provider.  The tender was awarded to a very exciting, innovative company who are looking at health and ways to engage children in healthy choices and lifestyles.  We have had to unfortunately increase school meal costs to £2.00 per day but we do hope that when you see the benefits of the new menu and approach, you will understand and that school meal uptake will indeed increase.

3. We want to get as many Parents and Carers involved as possible this year. Myself, Mrs Joshi and Mrs Mukadam will be working with Parents and Carers to set up a new inclusive Grange PTA this year and we ask you to please look out for the forthcoming coffee morning to share ideas and more importantly to get us moving in involving and including more Parents and Carers in making our school great.

Best Wishes and welcome to Grange 2019.

Daniel Kerbel


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