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Parent View Questionnaire results – Autumn 2023


Additional feedback – a selection of positive comments about what the school is doing well or parents are happy with:

School having  improved Has improved from  before This school is very  good
I am happy that teachers tell me how my child is doing I’m happy with behaviour and also the teachers are very  kind I’m pleased with how the school encourages  my children
The learning curriculum is amazing as it gives you enough time to complete every subject in the given time My child seems happy here. Whenever I had an enquiry the staff supported me and dealt with my issue in timely manner Activities and events. The school is very busy with events and communicate as such to the wider community.
Good to hear that Ofsted rating has been improved well done Mr. Kerbel and team. The school is good in education and helps my child learn more new things everyday The school and teachers are  fantastic we are please being part of Grange primary  school
Friendly and understanding teacher with my daughter make her more confident and feel her good as  home I am very happy in this school, Teachers and all staff very hardworking I am happy School is doing well, my daughter and son both improved a lot, sometimes my daughter needs help but teachers helped her.
This school built my child strong and happy and well  behaved Thanks good job Mrs. Ryatt and all the staff Grange is a great school with high expectations on good behaviour.
I’m happy with school I think this school is very safe. Happy with this school
All the staff are very friendly, and the school supports children’s learning. This school is amazing seen a big difference in my child since he’s started This school is very good and I am happy that my daughter studies at this school
The school is doing well especially helping my children to gain confidence in themselves. We are from India but my daughter feels good and she is happy with school and whole activities. We are very thankful and appreciative of all the teachers in their efforts and care. We are happy and worry free knowing that my   child is in good hands
My son learnt some nice manners like saying ‘excuse  me’ Teachers are very professional, with a lot of patience. My child’s learning is good She has a lot of friends
This school is wonderful for my children I’m very happy because my children get good support and they are  safe A great school with supportive teachers
Trips outside       My child is happy in this  school They are doing their best to  improve
I like the good behaviour, lots of friends,  teacher helps The school supports my child with learning and any doubts she  has High expectation for the children good communication for the  parents
The teachers are amazing and my kids love school Supports all students in every aspect. I am happy to see progress among my child’s education.
The school is good and  kind All staff are very  good My child is doing  well

 Additional feedback – a selection of constructive comments about what parents feel the school could do to get even better:

Homework that has been given – please provide answers for the parents by email so that we can understand the work. More focus on SEND children, more recognition for them in the mainstream classroom Communication between admin staff. I find that there are multiple incidents during break time and not all are recorded.
To have a children centre in  school To have more trips Contact from teacher directly such as sharing email, addressing issues with the parent directly.
More homework clubs for every year classes Children’s washroom facilities need to improve. To have more teachers in the school and more homework
I hope my children have get more support in speech Some follow up questions should have the option of N/A. for example the question about bullying and the next one The school should add more  rules
Add more projects for  children I would strongly recommend Maths home learning website IXL Maths. Let me drop my child through back gate


 It is great to see that in all areas, results have improved. Very few parents disagreed with almost all statements. It is particularly pleasing to see that almost every parent feels their child is safe and happy at Grange and that behaviour in school is good. Another key strength is supporting children’s wider development, which is something we are passionate about.

We value all of this feedback and will take it all on board with an aim to make changes and improvements where we can. We will also continue to work on the areas where less parents answered positively, such as concerns being dealt with properly when they are raised.

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