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PE and School Sports Premium

PESP 2022- 2023

PESP Expenditure Plan 2022-2023

PESP 2021- 2022

PESP Expenditure Plan Impact Review – July 2022

PESP Expenditure Plan 2021-2022

PESP Strategy Statement 2021-22

What’s our vision for PE & Sport at Grange?

Grange Primary School recognises the value of Physical Education (P.E.). We aim to provide a broad and balanced P.E. curriculum that fully adheres to the aims of the National Curriculum to ensure that all pupils:

We acknowledge and follow the DfE recommendation of children engaging in P.E. for two hours per week. An extensive extra-curricular provision provides further challenge and access to a range of physical activity. Our children learn in a safe and comfortable environment which provides them with a foundation for lifelong physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. 

Our P.E. curriculum follows a comprehensive and child-centred approach from Create Development called ‘Real P.E’. Real P.E. uses 6 cogs to connect children’s learning, these are: Personal; Social; Cognitive; Creative; Physical: Health and Fitness. Every child will develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills needed to be successful both in P.E. and sport and across the curriculum.


We have in-depth units of lessons focused on a specific sport each term taught by P.E. specialists in order to develop children’s sport-specific understanding and begin to think of strategies that can be applied in competitive sport. In these lessons, children are given the opportunity to engage in healthy competition and are challenged consistently in their learning to achieve their potential. Every child will take part in 6 intra-school competitions throughout the year to apply the skills that they have learnt in a safe competitive environment.

In addition, we aim to enable all students from Y1-6 to participate in competitive sports with children from schools in the local area. This supports students to further develop their skills, both physical and social, whilst also feeling proud that they are representing Grange Primary School. Moreover, children who demonstrate high skill levels in specific sports will have the opportunity to take part in elite Harrow sports competitions.

PESP 2020- 2021

PESP Expenditure Plan 2020-21 IMPACT REVIEW

PESP Expenditure plan 2020-21

PESP Strategy Statement 2020-21


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