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Governing Board Attendance

Governors are expected to attend all meetings and contribute to moving the school forwards:


The Role of a School Governor

School governors are members of a school’s Governing Board. They have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring & evaluating school performance. They are the largest volunteer force in the country. Governors are made up of parents, staff, members of the community and an appointed representative from the Local Authority

Grange Primary Schools Governing Board 2023-2024


Chair of Governors:  Ms C Kirkland 
Vice Chair of Governors:  Mr L Bush
Headteacher:  Mr D. Kerbel
Clerk:  Ms T Oldham
Staff Governor: Ms S Yadav (Website Link Governor)
Ms S Thurlow
Parent Governors: Mr M Djama (Writing Link Governor) Resigned 18.03.2024
Mrs J Khatri (EAL Link Governor) Resigned 15.03.2024
Co-Opted Governors: Mr T Rogers (T&L Link Governor)
Ms W Bennett (Pupil Premium Link Governor)
Mr L Bush (H&S/Premises/Sustainability Link Governor)
Ms S Ali (SEND Link Governor)
Mr F Ahmed
Local Authority Governor: Ms C Kirkland ( Safeguarding Link Governor & ARMS unit Link Governor)


Grange Primary Committee Membership 2023-2024

Resources Committee
Ms C Kirkland 
Mr L Bush
Mr D Kerbel
Ms W Bennett
Mr F Ahmed


Curriculum Achievement & Staffing Committee
Mr T Rogers (Chair)
Mr. D Kerbel
Ms S Ali
Ms S Thurlow
Ms S Yadav


Headteacher Performance Management
Mr T Rogers


Pay Committee Performance Management 
Ms C Kirkland (Chair)
Mr L Bush


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