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Grange Primary Governing Board Impact Statement July 2017- January 2019 

Governing Board Attendance

Governors are expected to attend all meetings and contribute to moving the school forwards:


The Role of a School Governor

School governors are members of a school’s Governing Board. They have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring & evaluating school performance. They are the largest volunteer force in the country. Governors are made up of parents, staff, members of the community and an appointed representative from the Local Authority

Grange Primary Schools Governing Body 2018-2019

Joint Chair of Governors:  Ms K Atkinson (Leadership link governor)
Mrs S Armstrong (Safeguarding and leadership link governor)
Vice Chair of Governors:  Ms C Kirkland (Health and Safety link governor)
Headteacher:  Mr D. Kerbel
Clerk:  Mrs Parker
Staff Governor: Mr I Ali
Parent Governors: Mrs A Khan
Mr B Gohil
Co-Opted Governors: Mr T Ahmed 
Mrs S Armstrong
Ms K Atkinson
Mr T Rogers (Teaching and Learning link governor)
Mr V Hansrani (SEND & Pupil Premium link governor)
Ms C Kirkland
Ms K Steingold (Curriculum link governor)
Associate Members: Ms H Drakard
Mrs J Edwards 
Mr R Rasheed 
Mr P Hutchinson 
Local Authority Governor: Ms S Patel (Curriculum link governor)

Who are the Governors?

Governors Pen Portraits:

Katie Atkinson – Joint Chair of the Governing Body and Chair of Curriculum, Achievement and Staffing Committee

From an early age, I have enjoyed supporting and inspiring children. This first started when I was 14 years old and supporting my dance teacher with ballet, tap and modern dance lessons for 3 years plus. It was a delight to see the smiles light up on their faces when they were able to perfect a dance move or perform a routine. The memory of this motivated me to follow a career in primary teaching, specialising in PE, with the realisation that I could have impact on pupils’ academic and physical achievements.

I am now in my twelfth year of teaching and am the Assistant Headteacher for Years 5 and 6, with added responsibility for Teaching and Learning, at Wembley Primary School, Brent. I have predominantly taught in KS1, where I have also been a lead teacher and Assistant Head. I enjoy working with children of different ages, backgrounds and cultures, the biggest motivation being that we are shaping the future generation.

This is predominantly the reason why I chose to become a Governor at Grange. I wanted the chance to work with another school to support with moving it forward by sharing best practice but also learning how to be strategic in a different role. I want to be part of the mission at Grange to help every child be the best that they can be. 

Stephanie Armstrong – Curriculum, Achievement and Staffing Committee

Whilst volunteering at my son’s primary school, I discovered being a part of the bigger picture of a child’s learning journey. The skills and knowledge taught by a teacher, the perseverance by the child applying what they had learnt, followed by the delight and pride in achievement. It was magical! So with that (and 13 weeks holiday a year) in mind I started the Graduate Teacher Programme in 2003 and began my teaching journey.

Many years later now with the knowledge that you work through the holidays, I am currently a Deputy Headteacher at Salusbury Primary School with responsibility for Key Stage 2, Safeguarding, Attendance and Behaviour.  My interest and passion for teaching began in the Early Years through the understanding that these are the foundations to a child’s school experience. My current role enables me to build on what children have learnt in EYFS and KS1 to shape and develop lifelong learners in a happy and safe environment.

Being a governor at Grange is an exciting new partnership as I hope to not only share my knowledge, experience and views, but learn a lot too! The school has lots of potential and I believe that working together as governors, staff, parents and pupils we can move the school forward.      

Carol Kirkland – Chair of Resources Committee

I have been involved in education, albeit at a post 16 level since 1986. I have taught, led a department and worked for a funding council. For the last 12 years I have worked at a sixth form college in north London as their Finance Director. I have completed a masters in Applied Leadership and Management at the Institute of Education. In addition to managing the College’s finances I have overall responsibility for premises, health and safety, audit and general administration of the College.

I have also been a governor at another Harrow primary school since September 1996. I still remain in this role.

I believe my knowledge of governance, gained over the last 20 years plus my work experience allows me to bring to Grange a range of skills that allow me to both support and challenge the work of the school, especially in business and financial matters.  Grange is a really ‘Good’ school, I hope that I will be able in some small part help make it an ‘Outstanding’ one.

Bhavin Gohil – Parent Governor Resources Committee

As a parent governor I am keen to ensure the views of the children, school and parents are fairly represented.

As a farther of two, with a background in primary education, I am keen to see Grange Primary build on its amazing successes over the last few years in its journey to Outstanding.

Tom Rogers – Curriculum Achievement & Staffing Committee and EAL, SEN & Inclusion Link Governor

 As a secondary school teacher, being a Governor at Grange gives me a wider perspective on the challenges faced in the Education sector, while better understanding the community in which I live. Since joining the Governing Board, I have been inspired by the dedication shown by the staff at Grange and I look forward to seeing the school move from strength to strength under positive leadership.

 I am a Languages teacher with a background in supporting learners with Special Educational Needs and English as an Additional Language. Effective measures that support SEND and EAL students are generally beneficial for the whole school population. More recently, I have been helping the school in which I work, develop strategies to promote inclusion and diversity. Having worked in a range of different schools, in the UK and abroad, I am well-placed to bring different perspectives to discussions on governance.

Grange Primary Committee Membership 2018-19

Resources Committee
Ms C Kirkland (Chair)
Mrs A Khan
Mr T Ahmed
Ms S Patel
Mr B Gohil
Ms K Steingold
Mr. D Kerbel
Mr P Hutchinson (Adviser)


Curriculum Achievement & Staffing Committee
Mrs K Atkinson (Chair)
Ms S Armstrong
Mr V Hansrani
Mr T Rogers
Mr I Ali
Mr. D Kerbel
Ms H Drakard (Adviser)
Mrs J Edwards (Adviser)


Headteacher Performance Management
Mrs K Atkinson (Co-Chair)
Ms S Armstrong (Co-Chair)


Pay Committee Performance Management 
Ms S Armstrong (Co-Chair)
Ms C Kirkland (Vice Chair)
Mr T Rodgers






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