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Year 6

Summer Term 2

Week 7

Overview week beginning 13th July 2020




Week 6

Overview 6th July 2020


Titanic End of Unit Assessment 

Week 5

Overview 29th June 2020


29.06.20 Simplifying ratios

30.06.20 Equivalent Ratios

Worksheet 01.07.20 

02.07.20 Differentiated Scale Factor Problems Activity Sheets

02.07.20 Extension Calculating Scale Factors

03.07.20 Answers End of Unit Assessment

03.07.20 End of Unit Assessment Ratio and Proportion

03.07.20 Ratio and Proportion Assessment


01.07.20 Lesson 4

Week 4

Overview 22nd June 2020


22.06.20 Introducing Ratio Activity Differentiated

23.06.20 Solving Fraction Problems – Money

23.06.20 Extension Extra Challenge

24.06.20 Recipes and Ratio

25.06.20 Exploring the parts and the whole

25.06.20 Exploring Parts of a Whole Answers

25.06.20 Exploring Parts of Whole Answers Part 2

26.06.20 Ratio and Proportion Problem Solving

26.06.20 Explore parts and whole answers



Midsummer Night’s Dream plot summary 25.06.20


24.06.20 Lesson 3



Week 3

Overview 15th June 2020


15.06.20 Interpreting a Pie Chart

15.06.20 Extension Interpreting a Pie Chart

16.06.20 Class Pet Pie Charts

16.06.20 Extension Percentage Pie Charts

16.06.20 Percentage Pie Chart

17.06.20 Activity

17.06.20 Answers – Read and Interpret Pie Charts

18.06.20 Percentages and Pie Charts Worksheet

19.06.20 Hot Task Statistics


Skellig dadwavers


17.06.20 Lesson 2


Week 2

Overview 8th June 2020


Skellig 14-18

Skellig 19-24

Skellig 25-27

Skellig 28-32

Skellig 33-36

Skellig 37-41

Skellig 42-46


08.06.20 Cold Task Statistics

08.06.20 Answers Cold Task Statistics

09.06.20 Cycle Ride Line Graphs

09.06.20 Extra Challenge Activity Sheet

10.06.20 Construct a Line Graph

10.06.20 Extra Challenge Population Changes

11.06.20 Extra Challenge Holiday Problems

11.06.20 Holiday Problems

12.06.20 Find the Mean Main Task

12.06.20 Find the Mean Extension Task


10.06.20 Lesson 1


Week 1

Overview 1st June


Tuesday Solving Equations Activity Sheets

Tuesday One-Step Equations Extension

Answers – Solve Simple One-Step Equations

Wednesday Solving Two-Step Equations

Thursday Main Task Possible Values

Thursday Main Task Answers

Thursday Possible Values Extension

Hot Task Algebra

Hot Task Algebra Answers


Skelling Chapters 10-13

Skellig Chapter 4-9

Skellig Chapter 1-3



Tuesday 9th June

Managing My Fears Slips

My First Day Slips

What Could Possibly Go Wrong Scenario Cards

year 6 pshe 9th JUNE Lesson

Tuesday 16th June

Challenges and Opportunities

Top Tips for Surviving Secondary School

Turning Problems into Opportunities – Black and White



Knowledge Organisers 


English-Skellig- Knowledge Organiser

Maths- Statistics-Knowledge Organiser

Science -Titanic-Knowledge Organiser

Humanities -WW2- Knowledge Organiser

English-Shakespeare-Knowledge Organiser

Maths- Ratio and Proportion-Knowledge Organiser 




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