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The Jewish Festival of Passover:

Passover is a Spring Festival celebrated by Jews all around the world every Northern Hemisphere Springtime. It is usually falls in April but the Jewish calendar is slightly different to the Secular Calendar which we use.

Passover involves a lot of cleaning in preparation and no bread is eaten or even kept in the house for the whole week of the festival.

The first night of the festival which always takes place at the time of the Full Moon, is celebrated with a special meal that has a special order and ingredients called the Seder
The story of Passover comes from the Bible (the Old Testament) and is mainly told in the book of Exodus.

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The Christian Festival of Easter

Christians prepare for the Easter celebrations with a period called Lent. This period begins with ‘Ash Wednesday’ when they reflect and try to improve their actions as they focus on the upcoming Easter Festival.

Easter commemorates the story of the death of Jesus and most importantly, his Resurrection.

This story’s message is that death is not the end and there is hope and life always.

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