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Knowledge Organisers: 2019-2020

Autumn 1

Unit 1

 English-Water Tower knowledge organiser 

Maths- Place Value Knowledge Organiser

Science-classifying living things Knowledge Organiser

Humanities-Geography-India’s Tea Trade Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2

Unit 1

English- Poetry- knowledge organiser

Maths- Four Operations-Knowledge Organiser

Spanish A1 Knowldege Organiser

Science- Animals including humans- Knowledge Organiser

Unit 2

English- Newspaper-knowledge organiser

Spring 1

Unit 3

English-Balanced Argument -Knowledge Organiser

Maths-Fractions Part 1-Knowledge Organiser

Science-Light- Knowledge Organiser

Humanities-Colonialism- Knowledge Organiser

Unit 4

Maths-Position and Direction-Knowledge Organiser

English-Biography-Knowledge Organiser 

Unit 5

Maths-Decimals-Knowledge Organiser

Unit 6

Maths- Percentages-Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2

Unit 7

Maths- Algebra-Knowledge Organiser

Maths- converting units-Knowledge Organiser

Summer 1

Unit 8

Maths-Converting Units-Knowledge Organiser

English-Journalistic Writing-Knowledge Organiser

Science-Electricity- Knowledge Organiser

Humanities- WW1-Knowledge Organiser

Unit 9

History- Romans-Knowledge organiser

Summer 2

Unit 9

English-Skellig- Knowledge Organiser

Maths- Statistics-Knowledge Organiser

Science -Titanic-Knowledge Organiser

Humanities -WW2- Knowledge Organiser

Unit 10

English-Shakespeare-Knowledge Organiser

Maths- Ratio and Proportion-Knowledge Organiser 


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