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Knowledge Organisers: 2019-2020

Autumn 1

Unit 1

English- Return – Aaron Becker Knowledge Organiser

Maths- place value Knowledge Organiser

Science- Out of this world Knowledge Organiser

Humanities- The Renaissance Knowledge Organiser

Unit 2

English- Traditiona Tales Knowledge Organiser

Maths- statistics-Knowledge Organiser

Spanish A1 Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2

Unit 3

Maths- Multiplication and division-Knowledge Organiser

English- Poetry- Knowledge Organiser

Science- Material world-Knowledge Organiser

Unit 4

Maths -Area and Perimeter- Knowledge Organiser

English-Non-Chronological Report-Knowledge Organiser

Spring 1

Unit 5

Maths- Number- Multiplication & Division-Knowledge Organiser

English-Recounts-Knowledge Organiser

Science- Circle of life- Knowledge Organiser

Humanities-Reformation- Knowledge Organiser

Unit 6

Maths-fractions-Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2

Science- Forces-Knowledge Organiser

Humanities – Journeys of Christopher Columbus-Knowledge Organiser

Summer Term

Unit 7

Maths-Decimals, Percentages-Knowledge Organiser 

English- playscripts -Knowledge Organiser

Science-Growing up & growing old-knowledge organizer

Humanities-Exploring and Moving to America-knowledge organizer

Unit 8

English-Myths and Legends-Knowledge Organiser



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