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Year 2

Welcome to the Year 2 area.  We hope you will find all the information that you need here.  If you have any questions please contact your child’s class teacher:

Beckham  Class                

Teacher: Mr L Deller

LSA: Ms D Barnes

Holmes  Class            

Teacher: Ms J Lang

LSA: Ms S Jacob

Ennis  Class            

Teacher: Ms N Shah

LSA: Mrs D Kabir


Knowledge organisers 

Autumn 1

Unit 1

English- Wordless Texts Knowledge Organiser

Maths- Place Value Knowledge Organiser

Science Healthy Me Knowledge Organiser

Humanities- Geography Knowledge Organiser

Unit 2

English- Narrative- Knowledge Organiser

Maths- Addition and Subtraction Knowledge Organiser

Science-Materials Knowledge Organiser

Autumn 2

Unit 3

Maths- Money- Knowledge Organiser

Unit 4

Maths -Multiplication and Division-knowledge organiser

English-Narrative-knowledge organiser

Spring 1

Unit 5

Maths – Statistics-knowledge organiser

Humanities-Nuturingnurse-Knowledge Organiser

Science- Squeeze-Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2

Unit 6

Maths-Properties of Shape-Knowledge Organiser 

Science- Our local environment-Knowledge Organiser

Humanities- A Wonderful World-Knowledge Organiser

Unit 7

English-Reports-Knowledge Organiser

Maths- Fractions-knowledge organiser 

Summer 1

Unit 7

Science-Young Gardener-Knowledge Organiser

Humanities-Great Explorers-Knowledge Organiser

Unit 8

Maths- Length and Height-Knowledge Organiser

Summer 2

Unit 9

Maths-Position and Direction-Knowledge Organiser 

Unit 10

Maths – Measurement – Time-Knowledge Organiser

Unit 11

Maths-Measurement – Mass, Capacity and Temperature-Knowledge Organiser 




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