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Knowledge Organisers: 2019-2020

Autumn 1

Unit 1

English-Rainbow Fish knowledge organiser

Maths -Place value -Knowledge organiser

Science knowledge organiser

Topic- History- cave people knowledge organiser

Unit 2

English-The Lonely Beast Knowledge organiser

Maths- addition and subtraction Knowledge organiser

Unit 3

English-Rapunzel-Knowledge Organiser

Spring 1

Unit 4

English-Billy and the Beast-Knowledge Organiser

Science-Classifying Animals-Knowledge Organiser

History-Cosmology – Aboriginal Dream time- Knowledge Organiser

Spring 2

Unit 5

English-Lost and found-Knowledge Organiser

Maths-Place value to 50-Knowledge organiser

Science-Plants-Knowledge Organiser

Geography-Comparison of Sri Lanka and the United Kingdom-Knowledge Organiser

Summer Term

Unit 6

 Science Knowledge Organiser

Geography Knowledge Organiser

English-Traditional tales-Knowledge Organiser

Unit 7

English-Non fiction-Knowledge Organiser

Maths-Multiplication and division Knowledge Organiser

Unit 8

Maths-Fractions-Knowledge Organiser

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