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Science Intent Statement

“Science” comes from the Latin scientia (scire = to learn, to know). It is a process of studying and knowing the fundamental laws of nature, through dialogue between theory and experiment. In addition to its being the most extraordinary subject, it is a source of inspiration and understanding, enabling social change whilst saving countless lives.

What does Science mean to us at Grange?

The function of Science at Grange is to continuously expand our knowledge in the 3 disciplines. This is done through teaching the curriculum coherently across phases so learning builds upon existing knowledge with no unnecessary repetition of ideas. A coherent curriculum taught between lessons and units allows children to directly build upon the learning from one lesson into the next. An integral part of each lesson is activating prior learning thus providing opportunities to practise retrieval –an important part of memory making. Lessons involve practical activities which form part of a wider instructional sequence allowing children time to connect theory to observation.

At Grange, we appreciate the crucial role vocabulary plays because it is at the heart of Science learning and knowledge building. Working walls serve as a reference source, they help in creating an interactive learning environment. Outcomes are presented and celebrated in a variety of ways individually or collectively in floor books, displays and pupil’s books.

When teaching Science, we take our roles seriously as we are all aware of how climate change threatens the future of our planet. Science has already told us how we can stop climate change from progressing. We owe it to each and every child to ensure our lessons are the best they can be as the consequences of our actions will remain long after we are gone.

Ultimately, our goal in teaching Science is to enable children to experience a sense of awe and curiosity whilst interacting with the natural world. Ensuring our planet is in safe hands tomorrow is our responsibility today.

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