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year 2 Malala class Multi- Sports event at Longfield School

On Monday, Malala Class visited Longfield School to participate in a multi-sports afternoon. The children were given the responsibility of leading each mini event themselves and showed great independence and confidence working with their peers.


What pupil’s said:

“After lunch we went to Longfield School and when we arrived we started to do sports and the children came out to see us. Then we got into 3 groups.  There were 9 fun activities and we were having so much fun. We did weights and also did batting.”- Nysa

“Today we did a PE lesson at Longfield School. When we arrived we met our coach. He was kind and friendly. We got into teams of three and the coach showed us how to play the different activities including: rocket throwing, basketball, tennis, hoop throwing and skipping. They were all so amazing and exciting. I was confident and made some new friends. My favourite activity was skipping because it was fun and I helped my new friend. We had an incredible afternoon. Thank you Miss Thurlow and Mr Godley for organising it. I hope we can do it again!”- Tasneem

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