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Physical Education

Physical Education at Grange Primary School   

Grange Primary School recognises the value of Physical Education (PE) as an integral part of the physical, emotional and social development of every child. We want children to work on improving their personal best in any activity so that they can all experience success and enjoyment. In addition, through engaging in PE, our pupils can further demonstrate and develop our wider school values of confidence, consideration, cooperation, perseverance and resilience.

We aim to provide a broad and balanced and inclusive PE curriculum that fully adheres to the aims of the National Curriculum. All pupils will have opportunities to:

Our P.E. curriculum meets the DfE recommendation of children engaging in PE for two hours per week. One hour each week is compromised of a Real PE lesson and the second lesson is a specialist sport lesson. Real PE is a comprehensive and child-centred framework from Create Development that comprises of 6 cogs that connect children’s learning, these are: Personal; Social; Cognitive; Creative; Physical: Health and Fitness. We regularly work with Real PE advisors to develop teaching and learning in PE so that out pupils receive high quality PE provision.

Every child will develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills needed to be successful both in P.E. and sport and across the curriculum. We are now developing our EYFS PE curriculum to ensure our pupils have the best possible start to their physical activity journey at Grange.


Alongside the weekly Real PE lesson, all children in years 1,2,3,5 and 6 have a weekly lesson with a specialist PE Coach. Each half term there is a focus on a specific sport which develops children’s sport-specific understanding and gives them the opportunity to apply the skills learnt in the Real PE lessons. In the specialist sport lessons, children engage in healthy competition, learn sport-specific rules and strategies and challenge themselves to achieve their potential. Children in year 4 have a weekly swimming lesson throughout the year.


An extensive extra-curricular provision provides further challenge and access to a range of physical activities and sports both at lunchtimes and afterschool.

We are now developing the role of our Sports Leaders who act as role models for their peers and support the organisation and delivery of our structured lunchtime sports provision. We also celebrate the success of children who regularly part in The Daily Mile and are developing active learning in other subject areas.

Furthermore, we aim to enable all students from Y1-6 to participate in competitive sports with children from schools in the local area. This supports pupils to further develop their skills, both physical and social, whilst also feeling proud that they are representing Grange Primary School. Moreover, children who demonstrate high skill levels in specific sports will have the opportunity to take part in elite Harrow sports competitions. Every child will take part in either an intra-school competition or an interschool competition each term to apply the skills that they have learnt in a safe, competitive atmosphere.

Our children learn in a positive, fair and comfortable environment which provides them with the foundation for a lifelong healthy lifestyle, full of sport and physical activity.


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