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At Grange Primary School we believe that mathematics provides a way of viewing and making sense of the world.  As mathematics encompasses many aspects of everyday life we aim to provide a good understanding of basic numeric concepts, essential for all children in an ever changing, technologically advancing world.

In lessons we promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning mathematics through practical activity, exploration and discussion. Wherever possible we make links between mathematics and other areas of the curriculum to ensure that the children understand its value in everyday life. Our Year 4 children were highly motivated by a London Underground Challenge and Year 5 by investigating time zones around the world.

Our Mathematics Subject Leader, Mrs Edwards, says “At Grange Primary children of all abilities enjoy the challenge provided by mathematical problems and investigations. We often have difficulty getting them to leave the classroom to go and have their lunch!”

Our early morning and after school booster sessions are well attended by children in Years 5 and 6 and have helped to contribute to our rapid increase in standards. We also use a number of web based learning tools including Mathletics and dB Primary to support the children both in school and at home.

Maths is awesome and I never want to be beaten by a challenge. I keep trying different ways until eventually I find a solution” (Year 6 pupil)

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