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History Intent

At Grange, our children receive a high quality and challenging History education whilst gaining coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s past and that of the wider world. Our main aim is to enable pupils to think as historians and develop their historical skills to ask questions, think analytically, use evidence and develop their own judgements and perspectives. Through the teaching of History, we endeavour that our pupils will understand the process of change, and the diversity of beliefs and societies, whilst being considerate and celebrating difference.

The History curriculum is planned and delivered with care so pupils have a sound chronological understanding of the time periods they have studied and our spiral approach allows children to build on their existing knowledge and skills throughout their time at Grange. As many of our children’s families come from all over the world it is vital that our children and their backgrounds are represented in their learning and our History curriculum.

Through a series of enquiry questions and focused units, pupils develop their skills and understanding of the past with curiosity and critical thinking. Our working walls encourage children to experience History as a source of discovery, enhance their historical vocabulary and revise their prior learning. Each year group uses a support text to further engage the children in their topic and enrich their understanding.

We value a creative, inclusive approach with a variety of enquiry based activities to stimulate inquisitiveness and accessible learning for all.

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