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At Grange, we believe that children learn effectively through language and should be given the opportunity to develop these skills through their learning. Children come into our school with a wide variety of language experience and we should enable all learners to develop, to the fullest, their ability to understand and use language, both written and spoken. For this reason, language is at the forefront of our curriculum, encompassing the core skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

We follow a ‘Talk for Writing’ style which provides a consistent, language-based approach to teaching writing. Our clear, ambitious writing curriculum is relevant to the cohort of children at Grange, with a variety of texts and information available in a range of different ways; developing the power of listening and respecting others’ views and promoting the value of diversity. Each year group has a ‘core text’ focus that changes every half term; our choices of literature aim to engage the children, enrich their understanding of the world they live in and empower them to grow as people and learners.

Our choices of writing activities focus on children being able to ‘make meaning’ and express themselves with clarity, creativity and confidence for a variety of purposes and audiences. Writing for purpose is the core with three main aims:  writing to entertain, inform and persuade. The genre in which children write is chosen to support their purpose of writing. Teaching with direct purposes allows children to focus on why and what they are writing and allows them to be more creative in their composition. As children move through the school, they are provided with opportunities to practise and improve their writing in many different contexts relative to the core text focus of the half term.


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