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Design and Technology


At Grange Primary School we follow the guidance in the National Curriculum Programme of study for Design and Technology which states that a Design and Technology curriculum should be inspiring, rigorous, and practical experience for children.

At Grange Primary School we develop children’s skills in design, structures, mechanisms, electrical control, and a range of materials. We also develop children’s life skills and knowledge associated with healthy living, food nutrition and cookery.

Through the teaching of design and technology, our children learn how to: manage and control risks, work safely with a variety of tools and materials, become resourceful, innovative, enterprising, and responsible citizens.

At Grange Primary School the children use their creativity, imagination, and social interaction skills to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems in a variety of contexts – understanding the processes involved from planning through making to evaluation and refinement. During the teaching of design and technology, the children acquire a wide range of new skills and knowledge of other subjects, such as Mathematics, Science, ICT and Art.

Design and Technology affects every aspect of our lives.  We want to give the children at Grange Primary school an awareness of how it impacts the wider world and make real life links between their work and the work of engineers, architects, and designers.

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