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Grange Primary School recognises the importance of ICT at the heart of learning in our modern, technological world.  We have invested in updating the technology available to pupils in school and are committed to the effective use of ICT to enrich and extend pupils’ learning.

We have three trolleys of 15 laptops available for classes within each phase to use to deliver curriculum content digitally in the classroom.  In addition, over the Summer we updated our ICT room in order to provide pupils with a computer each in the same suite.  Following the successful trial of iPads in Reception and Year 4, we have now purchased an additional two half class sets of iPads for use by pupils in their learning.  It’s great to see the pupils using technology on the move to record, evaluate and extend their learning.  We use a number of web based learning tools at Grange including DB Primary, BugClub, Mathletics and Purple Mash.

At Grange Primary, the children have played a very keen part in keeping up to date with the latest ICT developments.  We really do have a group of whizz kids here!  In Year 4, the children have been using the MediaWiki software to create their very own Wikipedia page.  They have been basing their pages on the Vikings topic.  For ICT Club, the children have been working on programming using Scratch.  The Year 6 children are now so confident at programming, they are going to try a piece of 3D programming software called Kodu.  Three children were also selected to take Raspberry Pi’s home to try to rebuild which recreates the building of a computer from scratch.




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