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Art and Design


At Grange Primary School we follow the guidance in the National Curriculum Programme of study for Art and Design which states that a high-quality Art and Design curriculum should engage, inspire, and challenge children. At Grange Primary School we want our children to have high quality experiences and become skilled in the various art forms of drawing, painting, sculpture and other art, craft, and design techniques.

We believe that every child is an artist. Our job is to remove the inhibitions and fear that builds up as children grow. We want every child to explore, experiment, create, fail, succeed, and get messy!  Above all we want them to express themselves while they experience the joy of working and learning together, and the beauty of colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form, and space

At Grange Primary School we want our children to respect and appreciate the creativity of others. We aim for our children to learn that achievement is a result of effort. We want to build self-esteem, resilience, and an understanding that curiosity, imagination, and questioning can be enjoyable.

Design affects every aspect of our lives.  We want to give our children awareness of how design impacts the world as well as all the career opportunities it offers. At Grange Primary School we want Art and design to teach the children about the work of artists, craftspeople, designers, and architects from around the world. We want the children to learn the vocabulary of Art and Design and experience the broad range of disciplines it covers.

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