Learning together. Respecting each other. Achieving our potential.




Our pupils of Grange are wonderful and extraordinary to us. They are mainly second or third generation immigrants from around the globe. This includes being multilingual and often having a large proportion of their extended family far away. The majority of our families face economic challenges. Many do not have the security of stable housing. As a result, a large proportion of our families are not at our school for the entire duration of primary school.

Our children are resilient, joyful, curious and ambitious. They love being part of London and modern Britain.

The greatest resource we can provide them with is a powerful foundation. This gives them the dignity of self-worth and a sense of belonging to modern British society. They graduate from Grange as a valued individual, capable of being a unique contributing member of society. 

We call this the CC way – Confidence and Consideration.

It is what shapes our high expectations for each of our children. Most importantly, it is what drives our curriculum and our expectation of what each child should gain from being educated at Grange.

Confidence grows from life-long learning. This is achieved through developing good learning habits. These include critical thinking, using the power of questioning and drawing on existing knowledge to develop skills and insight. Sequencing knowledge carefully so that it sticks enables confidence to develop – the more you know, the easier it is to learn new things. It is this growing of knowledge that enhances the growing of skills. We teach our children that mistakes are the way to grow knowledge and skills, provided we learn from them. 

Consideration requires us to show the power of listening and respecting views, even if they are different from your own. We develop consideration by shaping our curriculum so that our children can see different points of view and realise the value in diversity. Our curriculum aims to explicitly celebrate the difference. Consideration requires us to show that one can change or develop one’s mind. The principle of restorative practice is a key value within our curriculum.

At Grange, we treasure every child for who they are and their unique personality and qualities.

We strive to maximise the opportunities for good progress for each of them. Every day and every moment that they are in our school matters so that they become confident and considerate members of our British, global community.

This is why we call our curriculum, the Grange Destiny Curriculum. Our intent is to enable our children to unfurl their destinies in a manner that empowers them to live their best lives as their best noble selves.


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