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Teaching & Learning Staff

Senior Leadership Team​

Headteacher: Mr D Kerbel

Deputy Heads : Mrs J Edwards, Mrs H Drakard

Assistant Headteacher: Mr R Rasheed

Business Manager: Mr P Hutchinson

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs H Drakard

Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mr D Kerbel

Phase Leaders and SENDCO

Early Years Leader: Mrs B Weber

Key Stage One Phase Leader: Mrs J Edwards

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Mr R Rasheed

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Mrs H Drakard

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator: Ms K Waite


Grange Extended Leaders

English Reading and Writing: Mr Deller 

Phonics: Ms Jarvis 

Maths: Ms Ryatt 

Science: Ms Naidoo  

PSHE: Ms Begum

Humanities: Ms Kalu

Art and D& T: Ms Hernon

MFL, Music and PE: Ms Shah


Bob Marley/Alan Turing Class

Teacher: Mrs E Matusescu

 Learning Support Assistants:  Mrs A Smiley


John Lennon Class

Teacher: Mrs B Weber
Learning Support Assistants:  Mrs T Savage

Malala Class

Teacher: Miss M Hernon
Learning Support Assistants: Ms L Lacey

Rumi Class

Teacher: Ms M Ciornei
Learning Support Assistants:  Mrs T Barnes

HLTA across EYFS:​ Ms C Rodriquez


Year 1

Matisse Class

Teacher: Ms A Zaidi
Learning Support Assistants: Mrs V Mehta, Ms E Huth

Klee Class

Teacher: Ms S Morgan
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs N Khokher 

Picasso Class

Teacher: Ms S Thurlow
Learning Support Assistants:Mrs S Sidiq 

Year 2

Beckham Class

Teacher: Mr L Deller
Learning Support Assistants: Mrs D Barnes

Holmes Class

Teacher: Ms J Handyside-Lang
Learning Support Assistant: Ms S Jacob

Ennis Class

Teacher: Mrs N Shah
Learning Support Assistant:Mrs D Kabir

HLTA across KS 1:Mrs N Lawrence

Year 3

Seacole Class

Teacher: Ms T Punatar
Learning Support Assistant:Ms L Raza

Lister Class

Teacher: Ms H Ryatt
Learning Support Assistant:Mr D Goodhall

Nightingale Class

Teacher: Mr W Loza
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs N Fernandes


Year 4

Tubman Class

Teacher: Ms E Naidoo
Learning Support Assistant: Ms S Boyce

Mandela Class

Teacher: Ms H Borhan
Learning Support Assistant: Ms S Muhumad 

Parks Class

Teacher: Ms N Shah
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs P Etheridge

HLTA across Lower KS2:​ Miss F Hewer

Year 5

Gandhi Class

Teacher: Ms K Kalu
Learning Support Assistants: Ms M Mehta. Ms S Eluahabi

Churchill Class

Teacher: Ms S Merchant
Learning Support Assistant: Mrs L Halim

Luther King Class

Teacher: Mr T  Olins
Learning Support Assistant: Ms S Smith


Year 6

Darwin Class

Teacher: Mrs S Begum
Learning Support Assistants: Ms M Buckley, Ms E Laugenie

Battuta Class

Teacher: Ms M Bartley
Learning Support Assistant:Mr I Ali

Shackleton Class

Teacher: Mrs s Joshi and Mr K Lewis
Learning Support Assistants:  Ms E Parker-Bent 

HLTA across Upper KS2: Mrs J Hubbard


Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

Ms R Shah

HLTA Inclusion

Mrs S Raza

Roving Redirector 

Mr S Omotayo

Physical Education Teacher

 Mr M Gomes, Mr J Brown-Johnson


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