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Teaching & Learning Staff

Senior Leadership Team​

Headteacher: Mr D Kerbel

Deputy Heads : Mrs J Edwards, Mrs H Watson

Assistant Headteacher: Mr R Rasheed

Inclusion Lead and SENDCo: Ms K Asmoucha

Business Manager: Mr P Hutchinson

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Ms H Watson , Mr D Kerbel 

Phase Leaders 

Early Years Leader: Ms B Weber

Key Stage One Phase Leader: Ms J Edwards

Lower Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Mr R Rasheed

Upper Key Stage 2 Phase Leader: Ms H Watson


Grange Extended Leaders

English Reading and Writing: Ms S Thurlow

Phonics: Ms K Jarvis 

Maths: Ms H Ryatt 

Science: Ms P Naidoo  

PSHE and RE: Ms S Begum

Humanities: Ms S Morgan

Computing Lead: Ms F Hewer

Art and D&T: Ms M Hernon

MFL: Ms R  Shah

Music: Ms S Joshi

PE: Ms G Stewart and Ms R  Shah



Shakespeare/ Cervantes Class

Teacher: Ms H Hernon

Educator: Ms T Barnes and Ms A Tutorianu


Marcus Rashford Class

Teacher: Ms E Matusescu
Educator/s: Ms A Smiley

Olaudah Equiano  Class

Teacher: Ms M Ciornei
Educator/s: Ms B Lacey

 Rainbow Room Provision EYFS/Year 1

(SEN Teacher):  Ms Audra  Pantelidis

Educator/s:  Ms A Amin, Ms F Hussain, Ms M Sivapatham, Ms B Wright


EYFS Phase Lead: Ms B Weber

Year 1

Bob Marley Class

Teacher: Ms S Morgan
Educator/s: Ms N Khokher 

 Sojourner Truth Class

Teacher: Ms S Thurlow and Ms V Mehta (Friday)
Educator/s: Ms D Barnes and Ms V Mehta

Year 1 Reading Educator:  Mrs T Savage

Year 2

Alan Turing Class

Teacher: Ms E Naidoo
Educator/s: Ms O Haffaf, Ms G Kedman, Ms N Mahmood

Greta Thunberg Class

Teacher: Ms N Fernandes
Educator/s: Ms N Lawrence, Ms I Al-Lami and Ms L Lacey (AM)

Year 3

Rumi Class

Teacher: Ms F Hewer and Ms N Shah
Educator/s: Ms E Huth and Mr I Ali

Malala Class

Teacher: Ms S Merchant and Ms N Shah
Educator/s: Ms R Samer and  Ms S Boyce

Year 4

Matisse Class

Teacher: Mr W Loza
Educator/s: Ms E Parker, Ms P Etheridge

Klee Class

Teacher: Ms K Panagi
Educator/s: Ms S Jacob, Ms T Hastik

Year 5

Beckham Class

Teacher: Ms S Begum
Educator: Ms D Kabir

Ennis Class

Teacher:  Ms S Joshi and Ms R Shah
Educator: Ms S Ismaili

Holmes Class

Teacher: Ms G Stewart
Educator/s:Ms Smith

Year 6

Lister  Class

Teacher: Ms  M Bartley
Educator: Ms E Laugenie

Nightingale  Class

Teacher: Ms K Kalu
Educator: Ms L Halim

Seacole Class

Teacher: Ms H Ryatt
Educator:  Ms S Fakirmal

HLTA across Upper KS2: Ms J Hubbard


Modern Foreign Languages Teacher

Ms R Shah

Physical Education Teacher

 Mr S Dowling ,

Specialist Music Teachers

Harrow Music Services

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