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January 2021 school opening

Dear Grange Parents and Carers

School Closure in first two weeks of January

We are very sorry that we haven’t been able to communicate more clearly with you. Unfortunately, we receive the Government announcements at the same time as you via the national news. This does not give us much time to plan and prepare.

We value face-to-face education at the highest level. We want to do everything we can to prioritise face-to-face learning. However, safety is the ultimate priority. 

We have had 10 members of staff and 5 pupils test positive since the end of November so we felt that it was absolutely necessary to close the school. We will keep it open only to those in the category of highest need. This is only children of key-workers and vulnerable children (in most cases that is with a social worker or with an EHCP). Even in these cases we may need to conduct an individualised risk assessment to see if we could maintain the child’s safety within school.

Remote Lessons

Our brilliant and dedicated staff have worked tirelessly over the last few days to ensure that we will have remote learning ready.

We will be using our generic emails as usual: x@grange.harrow.sch.uk. We will be using our Grange Youtube channel and online learning tab on our website. We will be using our platforms such as Purple Mash, Mathletics and Spelling Frame.  Most exciting is that we will be using Google Classroom to deliver live lessons by the end of next week. 

This is a challenge for everyone. I am sure that there will be some frustrating and amusing moments as we get used to this 21st century way of learning.

Please be patient and work with us. You have all been fabulous throughout 2020 to work with us to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible

Free School Meals

For families who receive Free School Meals, we will be sending you separate updates about how we plan to continue to provide meals over the next two weeks.

What to do next if you are a keyworker or your child is vulnerable

We urgently need to get an idea of how many children will be in school as key-worker and vulnerable children.

Please use this survey link to register your child if they fall in the category of key-worker or vulnerable and you need to send them to school:


Happy New Year and kind regards,

Mr Kerbel​


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