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Welcome to Sep’20- Information for Parents

Dear Grange Parents and Carers

Thank you for being so brilliant through this lockdown period. It has been an honour and privilege to work with you in partnership to help us all get through this.

Our critical goal is to work to ensure the safety and wellbeing of Staff and Pupils when we return in September.

Here is some crucial information for September:

Start Date:

*First day of term for children from Yrs 1-6 is Monday the 7th of September 2020

*Starting dates for children in Nursery and Reception will be by individual invitation. If you have not received your letter please phone the office

Drop off and Pick up

Drop up and pick up times will be staggered:

between 8.30 am and 9.15 am in the morning and 2.45 pm and 3:30 pm in the afternoon.

Time slots are allocated according to year group.

Please stick to the following time slots to avoid congestion.


Drop off time Furness Road (gate) Welbeck Road


  Pick up time Furness Road (gate) Welbeck Road


8.30-8.40 Year 5 Year 6   2.45-2.55 Year 5 Year 6
8.45-8.55 Year 4 Year 3   3.00-3.10 Year 4 Year 3
9.00-9.10 Year 2 Year R   3.15-3.25 Year 2 Year R
9.15-9.25 Year 1 Year N   3.30-3.40 Year 1 Year N


Where there are multiple children in a family all children should be dropped off at the time allocated to the oldest child.

Eg if your children are in years 5 and 2, they should be dropped off between 8.30 am and 8.40 am.

Where there are multiple children in a family all children should be picked up at the time allocated to the youngest child.

Eg if your children are in years 1 and 4, they should be picked up between 3.30pm and 3.40pm.

Where multiple children from one family are designated different entrances, they may be dropped off at the entrance of the oldest child.

Where multiple children from one family are designated different entrances, they may be picked up at the entrance of the youngest child.

When you arrive at school please form an orderly queue on the markers provided to maintain social distance. Members of staff will be waiting in marked locations to supervise the children once their individual parents and Carers leave and from there, they will escort them to their classroom.

Parents and Carers please follow our indicated one-way system to exit safely and maintain the flow

Parents and Carers Restricted access to School Building

Unfortunately for safety reasons, parents and carers will not be allowed to enter the school building unless by prior arrangement.  To enter the School office without an appointment , please ask Staff standing outside to direct you and only one person/family may enter the office foyer at a time.

 Nursery and Reception parents who are bringing their child into school for the first time will receive separate details.


Children will remain in their class bubbles throughout the day and will remain separate from other bubbles at all times, including breaktimes and lunchtimes.


For the time being, to relieve the burden on parents, uniform requirements will be relaxed slightly.

Pupils MAY wear:

Pupils MUST NOT wear:


School lunches will consist of Freshly made filling sandwiches which will be available for all children who are eligible for free lunches (Free School meals or In Reception to Yr 2), or for children whose families wish to purchase a school meal. Alternatively, children may bring their own packed lunch (clearly labelled or in disposable packaging) into school which should follow the school policy on packed lunches.

Water bottles should be brought into school but must be named/labelled so that they are not mixed up

Reading books

Reading books will be changed once a week. When books are returned to school, they will be placed into a quarantine box for 72 hours before being reissued.


Regular handwashing routines will be part of our daily timetable. Most classrooms are equipped with basins and additional handwashing facilities will be installed around the school prior to reopening in September.

Toilets Limitations

We will ensure that only one bubble at a time use our toilet facilities.


Children who wear a mask to travel to school will be asked to remove this before they enter the school building. They may wear a different mask during the day if they wish (not provided by School) and may wear the transport mask upon leaving to go home.

The Curriculum

We are conscious that children have missed nearly half a year of school and we will consciously strive to welcome back the children with warmth and compassion. We will be teaching all the subjects but we will plan carefully to help the children close gaps in the learning whilst making age-related progress. We want our children to learn well and to enjoy learning. We will work hard to help each child make good progress giving them a sense of growing confidence whilst nurturing their sense of consideration for others. This is our Grange CC way and our Staff are so excited and positively looking forward to welcoming the children back. We will introduce a ‘Safety themometer’ to indicate to children where there is a risk to safety through their behaviour and will work through the power of relationships to bring restoration and progress when encountering distressed or difficult behaviour

The Critical Principle for September:

Safety for our Staff and Pupils so that they can learn deeply and meaningfully to make great life progress.

We have also attached an activity we would love for you to do with your children over the Summer holidays.  If you would like to email it to school before September we will acknowledge receipt and award ClassChart holiday points for the great work.  You may also want to do it as a family by yourselves and keep it as a memory of these times.

My Covid 19 Time Capsule 

Please email feedback or questions to headteacher@grange.harrow.sch.uk


Kind regards and best wishes

Mr Kerbel

Grange Headteacher

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