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School Closure Effective 3.30 pm Friday 20th March 2020

Dear Parents and Carers

Re: School Closure Effective 3.30pm Friday 20th March 2020

The government has asked parents to keep their children at home, wherever possible and asked schools to remain open only for those children who absolutely need to attend to avoid the spread of Coronavirus.

In all cases if anyone in the house has a new persistent cough or temperature or tightness of the chest (breathing difficulty), then the WHOLE HOUSE should stay home.

As a community we want to do everything that we can to support and protect the most vulnerable. The Government has announced that schools will close their doors this Friday until further notice. It is with great regret that from 3.30pm on Friday 20th March, the school will be closed to children until further notice. The Government wants to minimise gatherings and the less children travelling to or attending school the better in terms of fighting the virus.

Some Children Will Be Allowed to Attend School if necessary and unavoidable:

1. Children of Key Workers – see below

2. Children with Education Health Care Plans – see below

3. Children with social workers attached to their families – see below

Identifying Key Workers in our Parent/Carer Community

The government has asked schools to identify and support the Key Workers in our community whose children attend our schools. These members of our community are at the front line of the Public Health strategy and we all need to support them in that important work. With this information we can plan together to keep some school provision open for the children of Key Workers if they need and choose childcare so that they may contribute to the communal effort.

Key Workers must be identifiable by a Workplace ID. They include:

 Medical, Nursing and Paramedic / Ambulance Staff
 Workers in Adult Social Care, Social Workers
 Health Care Assistants and Administrators (in GP practices / Clinics)
 Childminders (Certificate of Registration will be required as evidence)
 Nursery Staff (private, voluntary and independent VI) – ID may not be standard
 Fire and Police
 Supermarket delivery drivers or drivers maintaining the supply chain
 Teachers, Educators and All School staff
 Plumbers, Gas Boiler Engineers and Electricians
 Public Transport Workers e.g. Bus Drivers

If you are a Key Worker in any of the above categories and you have a child at Grange
Primary School and you need them to be at school so that you can work, please contact the
School Office to let us know and to provide proof of your Key Worker status. You can do
this in person or you can email your proof to the Office email address:


Please share this information with us as soon as possible. We will then keep school
provision available for your children as long as we have sufficient staffing to maintain

Families with Social Workers working with their Children and with Children on
Education Health and Care Plan

In addition to the above, the parents and carers of all our children with social workers
attached to their family and children with EHCPs are entitled to schooling if parents and
carers choose this option and we are able to maintain necessary staffing levels.

Please be aware that provision will be adjusted according to the needs of the children

If you will be sending your child in, please do make every effort to contact the school
office as soon as possible and before close of day today Friday 20th March 2020 at
4pm. Entrance to school on Monday will be from Welbeck Road.

Thank you for helping us to plan for provision for your children.

Yours sincerely

Mr Kerbel

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