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Operation: Find a Way- Draft for Consultation: 18.05.20

Operation: Find a Way

To apply government guidelines for the gradual return of pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6

Draft for Consultation: 18.05.20

Dear Grange Parents and Carers,

Thank you for everything you have done to work with our school to look after and continue the education of our Grange children through the school closure period. We will never forget these times. We have to make plans to gradually return the pupils to school from the 1st of June 2020. This will be in stages as set out in the plan below. Whether to send the children is still your choice and you are the ones who need to make that decision with us. To help you make that choice, please see our plan below:


There have been approximately 35,000 Coronavirus deaths in the UK. Harrow is a borough with one of the highest coronavirus death rates in London. The government asked schools to close for the majority of pupils from March 20th 2020. Our school has stayed open for children of key workers and vulnerable families who have no other childcare.

We organised staff who were able to come in into 3 teams which rotate on a weekly basis. They have been coming to work continuously including during the Easter holidays.

At the same time the Grange Online Learning Strategy began. The Online Learning section of the Grange website and the first online learning YouTube videos were published in the first weekend of lockdown. We explained the YouTube channel and online learning to parents and carers by telephone and email.

We have also made videos explaining the online learning system in Arabic and Romanian. Staff have made phone calls explaining it in different languages.

Our YouTube channel has had 85,000 views in the last 28 days. We have been able to see significant engagement through the email inboxes set up for parents and carers to send in their children’s work. We have also seen excellent engagement in the platforms we use such as Purple Mash and ClassCharts.

Feedback from parents has shown high levels of appreciation and satisfaction with our online learning provision.

Grange Principles Commitment:

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Protective measures:


Online learning and curriculum:

Timeline of further information & actions:

How to comment, question or respond:

At all times Grange will always operate according to our values of inclusion and care for each child. We will still aim to use restorative justice and empathic education so that we see behaviour as a form of communication. We aim to understand this communication and remove the barriers of learning for every child. Most importantly we do not give up trying. In this context we have to balance those values with immediate concerns for safety of staff and of other children. We will aim to make that clear to our community.

Our Grange Community has suffered loss. Some of our staff members and our Grange families have lost family members close to them. Our thoughts are with them and they are in our prayers and wishes. At the same time, we have had at least one birth within the Grange Community. We look forward to that child being a pupil at Grange in the academic year of 2023-24! We will find a way to get through this devastating virus by staying together and looking out for each other.

This is our Grange CC way. We never give up.

Be Great; Be Grange

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