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Virtual Reality Experience

Some of our students had staff had the opportunity to experience a fully immersive Virtual Reality environment in which they can look around 360° and get to see images, videos, and hear sounds that they would not otherwise be able to in a classroom environment! 

“I thought that the experience was very realistic. The images were so clear and at times frightening. Especially when we watched the shark video because the sharks appeared to be close to us and it felt like they were going to bite and eat us. Being able to turn the picture round by putting our head to the side helped to see lots of different kind of creatures. It would be amazing to do this kind of thing in a classroom lesson.

I enjoyed the activity where you could bring 2D pictures to life, it started moving and making sounds. I felt like I could really touch them. This would be cool to use during a science, history or geography lesson – it would bring everything to life.“- Amuthini & Hibaq

“I found the experience very enjoyable and fun. The best part was to see all the different countries and the shark tank. i loved seeing things up close and from far. The shark were really scary as they were so close to me but it was the best. Overall, I really enjoyed the session and would love to do it again some times soon.”Manaar

“I found the experience happy. I got to see different places and it felt like we were there. I was scared of sharks. I really loved it and wish I can do it again.”Shaima


Students had a VR headset to wear
They were asked to focus on one point
They had a virtual trip to New York...
And underwater they encountered sharks!!
They learnt what the different buttons can do
The experience of Egypt was very real
Felt like they were touching the elephant
Trying to lift the elephant
The Heart was pulsating
Students had 360° experince
The pictures were not only moving..
There was sound effect too
Even the Staff joined in
Sometimes the experience was pleasant and relaxing..
Sometime it was scary!!
All had fun!

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