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Governors Explanation 2016

Grange Governors Code of Conduct 2017 – 2018

Governing Body Attendance

Governors are expected to attend all meetings and contribute to moving the school forwards:


The Role of a School Governor

School governors are members of a school’s Governing Body. They have responsibility for raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring & evaluating school performance. They are the largest volunteer force in the country. Governors are made up of parents, staff, members of the community and an appointed representative from the Local Authority

Grange Primary Schools Governing Body 2017-18

Chair of Governors:  Dr C McNamara
Vice Chair of Governors:  Ms C Kirkland
Headteacher:  Mr M Parker
Clerk:  Mrs Parker
Staff Governor: Mrs J Hubbard (HLTA)
Parent Governors: Dr C McNamara 
Mr B Gohil
Co-Opted Governors: Mr A Ingham 
Ms Z Khaku Miss K Ford
Mr T Ahmed 
Mrs S Armstrong
Associate Members: Mrs B Weber (EYFS Phase leader)
Local Authority Governor: Vacancy

Who are the Governors?

Governors Pen Portraits:

Dr. Catherine McNamara – Chair of the Governing Board and Chair of Curriculum, Achievement and Staffing Committee

I put myself forward to be a Parent Governor back in 2014 because I was interested in helping to move the school to ‘good’ in the eyes of Ofsted but also in the eyes of parents, children and her own staff. My children were in reception and I wanted to contribute towards that goal.

The main point of being a governor is to work in partnership with the head teacher, senior leadership team and School staff and co-operatively with other governors to raise standards and improve outcomes for all children. I was elected to the role of Chair of the Governing Board in September 2017.

In my day-job, I work in the university sector as Director of Learning, Teaching and Student Experience at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London). I’ve been involved in teaching for 18 years and now I have young children and I’m really interested in the ways that the 4-11 age groups learn.

Carol Kirkland – Chair of Resources Committee

I have been involved in education, albeit at a post 16 level since 1986. I have taught, led a department and worked for a funding council. For the last 12 years I have worked at a sixth form college in north London as their Finance Director. I have completed a masters in Applied Leadership and Management at the Institute of Education. In addition to managing the College’s finances I have overall responsibility for premises, health and safety, audit and general administration of the College.

I have also been a governor at another Harrow primary school since September 1996. I still remain in this role.

I believe my knowledge of governance, gained over the last 20 years plus my work experience allows me to bring to Grange a range of skills that allow me to both support and challenge the work of the school, especially in business and financial matters.  Grange is a really ‘Good’ school, I hope that I will be able in some small part help make it an ‘Outstanding’ one.

Bhavin Gohil – Parent Governor Resources Committee

As a parent governor I am keen to ensure the views of the children, school and parents are fairly represented.

As a farther of two, with a background in primary education, I am keen to see Grange Primary build on its amazing successes over the last few years in its journey to Outstanding.


Adrian Ingham – Vice Chair of the Curriculum, Achievement and Staffing Committee

After a teaching career which began in Italy, I spent twenty-five years as a headteacher and decided a few years ago that it was time for something different – but not completely different. I chose to combine some international work – which has involved consultancies and training in countries such as Iraq, Brazil, South Korea and Nepal – with voluntary work as a school governor.

For the past four years, it has been my pleasure to be part of the team at Grange Primary, where we have seen enormous progress and some excellent achievements. At the same time, I have been involved in Hillingdon in a growing grouping of schools of which I am a director.  My greatest pleasure comes from working with talented colleagues and watching them express their talents on behalf of the children we are determined to help and encourage.  I believe we have a duty to promote success in our schools, but that success means more, much, much more, than simply doing well in tests.

Stephanie Armstrong – Curriculum, Achievement and Staffing Committee

Whilst volunteering at my son’s primary school, I discovered being a part of the bigger picture of a child’s learning journey. The skills and knowledge taught by a teacher, the perseverance by the child applying what they had learnt, followed by the delight and pride in achievement. It was magical! So with that (and 13 weeks holiday a year) in mind I started the Graduate Teacher Programme in 2003 and began my teaching journey.

Many years later now with the knowledge that you work through the holidays, I am currently a Deputy Headteacher at Salusbury Primary School with responsibility for Key Stage 2, Safeguarding, Attendance and Behaviour.  My interest and passion for teaching began in the Early Years through the understanding that these are the foundations to a child’s school experience. My current role enables me to build on what children have learnt in EYFS and KS1 to shape and develop lifelong learners in a happy and safe environment.

Being a governor at Grange is an exciting new partnership as I hope to not only share my knowledge, experience and views, but learn a lot too! The school has lots of potential and I believe that working together as governors, staff, parents and pupils we can move the school forward.

Zohra Khaku – Resources Committee, Deputy Safeguarding Governor

I am a former high school teacher, which means I have an appreciation for education and a passion for the education system. My background is in strategy and innovation, across the telecoms, media, technology, entertainment and non-profit sectors.  I have spent the last few years running my own organisation Halal Gems, the leading halal dining platform in the UK, and as an entrepreneur can relate to some of the issues that come up at school.

Having spent ten years working at The Muslim Youth Helpline both on the phones and on the Board of Trustees, I have responsibility as Deputy of Safeguarding, and have a special interest in keeping our children safe.

You can find me on Twitter at @zkhaku and Instagram at @zohrakhaku.

Grange Primary Committee Membership 2017-18


Resources Committee


Carol Kirkland
Tofail Ahmed
Zohra Khaku
Bhavin Gohil
Matthew Parker


Curriculum Achievement & Staffing Committee


Dr Catherine McNamara
Adrian Ingham
Stephanie Armstrong
Eve Naidoo (Adviser)
Jo Edwards (Adviser)
Hannah Drakard (Adviser)
Kerry Ford
Jackie Hubbard
Matthew Parker


Appeals Committee


Carol Kirkland
Tofail Ahmed
Zohra Khaku
Matthew Parker


Exclusions Committee


Adrian Ingham
Carol Kirkland
Dr Catherine McNamara


Associate Governors


Jackie Hubbard
Bev Webber


Pay Committee Performance Management Governors


Kerry Ford
Zohra Khaku
Dr Catherine McNamara